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Adhesive Vini-Tape
was designed for electric terminals' insulation, as well as for electric components assembly.

PVC Vini-Tape for wire harnesses
was designed and especially developed for taping automotive electrical wring and similar applications.


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Vini-Tape by Denka company is a well-known brand of PVC adhesive electric insulation tape. It complies with both Japanese standards (JIS C-2336) and with ISO 9001 for vinyl tapes and was very successful as the first tape of the kind in Japan produced on a large scale.

Adhesive vinyl TOYO Chemicals tape is produced by production plant in Chiba. The plant achieved ISO 9001 status, according to the international quality insurance system. Vinyl tape was the first product of the kind which enjoyed a commercial success in Japan, and then, when the JIS C 2336 Japanese Industrial Standard for adhesive PVC tapes used for electric insulation was introduced, the product gained approval already in the first round of tests in 1952. Helping to prevent incidents involving electricity and granting protection, vinyl tape Vini-Tape enables insulation in a growing number of applications in service points, when preparing alarm systems, and also in many production and electric plants. Moreover, it has countless applications for home appliances industry and repair, it is used for food containers and for many other products.

On this website we present a whole range of adhesive vinyl tapes which we are able to provide.

Vini-Tape Electric insulation
Vini-Tape for wiring harnesses Wiring harnesses in cars and electric appliances
Anticorrosive Vini-Tape Prevents corrosion of metal pipes, wires etc.
Toyo Protection Tape Protection and taping of aluminium profiles
Can-Sealing Vini-Tape Sealing of can-type food containers
Insulation Cover Tape Protection of insulation materials on pipes, wires, etc.
Buried Display Tape Marking and writing on pipes and underground installations

ISO 9001 JQA-I 1546
for Chiba plant producing
Vinyl Tape

JSI C 2336 Adhesive PVC tapes used for insulation of electrical wiring
JIS Z 1901 Adhesive anticorrosive PVC tape


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